The Real Kareckas

Kevin Kareckas is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, producer, and DJ, from South Berwick, Maine (United States). Using dead-reckoning and a bit of luck, Kevin has worked at public and private colleges and universities in Vermont over the past several years, as well as the University of Rzeszow in Poland. A self-described lifelong learner, Kevin enjoys weaving his hobbies with his ultimate pursuit of capitalizing on teachable moments everyday.​

Kevin's passion for the processes of learning and sharing stories led him to study education through the lens of multi-disciplinary learning environments, teachable moments, natural consequences, and place-based education.

His educational journeys have provided opportunity to explore much of Northern New England (U.S.) and spend an immersive year of teaching in Rzeszow, Poland. Since 2012, Vermont has framed his productions and songwriting.

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